iManagementBrazil was created as a privately held and independent interim and project management group by Frank P. Neuhaus, active in Brazil since the mid-nineties and in Latin America for two decades. Based in the City of São Paulo, Brazil, iManagementBrazil has been able to become one of the leading interim management boutiques among the foreign investors business community in Brazil with strong national and international cooperations within a short period of time.

Frank P. Neuhaus
Managing Director

Frank Neuhaus is a founding partner of iManagementBrazil. Prior to this, Mr. Neuhaus worked for the ThyssenKrupp Industrial Group and the Swiss SIG AG in different areas, such as elevator division, packaging and beverage technology division and automotive division in Germany, South-East Asia, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Mr. Neuhaus studied Mechanical Engineering with specialization in offshore engineering and hydrodynamic, as well as Industrial Plant Design at the University of Applied Sciences of Bremen, Germany, and International Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences of Pforzheim and at Universidade Católica de Chile in Santiago de Chile, Chile. Furthermore, he holds an International Executive MBA from the University FAAP in São Paulo, Brazil and The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA.

Mr. Neuhaus is experienced with restructuring projects, including in-court recovery acts in Brazil, reorganization and turnaround, merger projects from initial phase to post-merger integration and market development focusing on sales and after sales service. His industrial experience is based on mechanical engineering companies, oil and gas industry, long term consumer goods, industrial services and automotive sector.

Auricio dos Santos
Managing Director

Auricio dos Santos is a founding partner of iManagementBrazil. Prior to this, Mr. Santos worked for TetraPak and the Sulzer group, among other international and Brazilian industrial companies and national family office investment groups. Mr. Santos studied Business Management and Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. He holds a post-graduation in Finance from the Instituto de Pesquisas Econômica IPEP in Campinas, Brazil.

Mr. Santos is experienced with financial and fiscal administration and restructuring projects. His industrial experience is based on food industry, packing and textile industry, industrial services and mechanical engineering companies.

The iManagementBrazil team

The iManagementBrazil team is made up of independent self-employed professionals with extensive experience in restructuring and reorganization, start-up, branding, support and execution on M&A projects during the pre- as well as post-merger phase, controlling, accounting, IT, fiscal book keeping, outsourcing and insourcing projects, production and manufacturing, technical service management and engineering. Furthermore, iManagementBrazil offers a high degree of expertise and a well established professional network based on previous management experiences and academic updates at renown national Brazilian and international universities.

iManagementBrazil is distinguishing itself from others by its integrated approach to interim and project management with no dependency or committing relationship with human resources consulting or management consulting firms. Both - management skills and the independency - enables iManagementBrazil to generate significant added-value for its customers.