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Thinking in processes has meanwhile also found its way into many Brazilian companies. But when it comes to making necessary changes, many companies fail.

The 360-Degree Program developed by iManagementBrazil Ltda. shows whether the requirements for process changes are met and helps to eliminate deficits and measure progress.
The analysis tool shows first and foremost where we need to tackle the problem.

Our analysis tool provides information on three major areas of your company:

We turn your data into information.

Our Integrated Consulting Tool
Our 360-Degree Program is not only so useful for your company in Brazil because it contains a new insight, but because it covers all areas that need to be considered. Your data becomes information, we answer questions, we create a profound information basis.

Thus, together with you, we can recognize the gap between the actual and the best possible performance of your Brazilian company.

Then we work with you to define, start and implement specific goals and initiatives. Your company in Brazil is beginning to exploit the existing potential, develop an aspired performance profile and become a solid company.

With the help of our 360-Degree Program we prevent the eight biggest mistakes in a reorganization or restructuring project.

The 360-Degree Program has proven itself in numerous projects in various industrial sectors and is regularly applied by us in pure consulting projects as well as interim management project missions.
We make things work
Interim management and consulting from a single source.