During recent years European and US-Investors re-discovered Brazil as an attractive market. One of the major strategies to enter the local market is to buy-in to or take over a national company. The valuation of the enterprise value must be done very carefully and as well plausible as comprehensible for all parties concerned.

Due to the structure of the Brazilian economy and the complex business environment the evaluation process has to go beyond the ordinary fiscal and juridical due diligence, thus, preparing a solid, accurate basis for a decision by our client. Neutral, independent project managers verify the net asset value, revenue value and cash flow, based on a portfolio review, the history of the company and the business sector, including the organizational structure and future business perspectives.

A most sensitive task is the evaluation of a stand-alone business plan versus a joint-venture business plan. iManagementBrazil will prepare a realistic equity value analysis as well as a risk portfolio based on a competent analysis of the entire value chain. We cooperate with attorney offices and auditing firms enjoying the highest reputation.