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First Step
The client enters into intensive conversation with the potential interim and project manager one or two times. The best place to do it is your own company. The client checks the competence and the social adaptability with the local organization and headquarters. You will discuss the situation and create room for feasible mind games how to solve the tasks and fulfill the commission. Such conversations are without any commitment for clients to sign a contract with us. However, travel and out of pocket expenses will be compensated for by the client.
Second Step
If you have a good feeling regarding the potential interim and project manager you may want an evaluation of the situation by us. For that purpose, iManagementBrazil developed two analyzing tools - one for the commercial situation and one for the plant organization. The potential interim and project manager will stay further two, maximum four days with the local organization. The analyzing tools are not adopted for task solving, but the tools offer a good understanding where to start with the commission safeguarding a quick start-up of your project - it saves money and time. You may feel free to choose that we apply these tools. After the analysis we will submit a written report, outlining conclusions and proposing solutions and things to do. For such a feasibility study, which will take no more than ten days, we will agree upon an appropriate fixed fee.
Third Step
If you decide for us, we will negotiate the remuneration. The commission and proceedings will be defined in detail and will include the tasks for the interim and project manager, draw the reporting lines, milestones, termination conditions and last but not least binding confidentiality for all information exchanged.