Desde a fundação da iManagementBrazil, nós sempre acreditamos no principio de que a consultoria é apenas uma ferramenta em nossa missões de projeto - e essa é a nossa essência. Nós não queremos desenvolver soluções e, em seguida, deixar nossos clientes sozinhos com a implementação - estamos ativamente envolvidos, adaptamos e fazemos todo esforço para seu projeto ser sucesso.

Nos últimos anos, no entanto, temos observado que o acumulo de conhecimentos obtidos nos numerosos projetos , tornou-se uma ferramenta poderosa, esse conhecimento desenvolveu-se através de diversas ferramentas utilizadas para solução de problemas e que ao longo dos anos aplicamos ativamente.

Agora utilizamos estas ferramentas para os nossos clientes de consultorias em especial nas areas de reestruturação, Fusões e Aquisições e pós fusões e Aquisições.

Companies are repeatedly in crisis - whether due to the difficult economic situation, new competitors, eruptive market changes or the management team. Post-merger integration projects can often also convert to crisis situations. This is anything but a new phenomenon.

iManagementBrazil has developed diagnostic tools that concretely show how costs can be reduced and market shares can be increased. In order to be able to provide answers here, we also analyze your sales and the value-added process.

All these diagnoses lead to a remediation concept. That alone is not enough. Your employees and the management team must be convinced. iManagementBrazil works closely with your company's team at all levels right from the start. Our proven leadership experience in manufacturing and service companies provides us with the necessary proximity and language to work with your people in a spirit of trust.
When iManagementBrazil is appointed to a new mandate, you as a client usually have high expectations. In a short time the performance of your company in Brazil should be significantly increased, a corresponding concept must be created. Feasibility must always be taken into account.

To do this, we must get a systematic overview of the condition of your company in Brazil. For this we use our 360-degree toolbox - a robust tool that has been developed and tested over many years. We always assume four basic assumptions: costs decrease with growing experience in the market, the competitive situation determines the options for action, customer needs and profit potential change continuously, the complexity of an organization can almost always be reduced.

For each acceptance, iManagementBrazil has developed diagnostics during our years of project work - our 360degree toolbox. The results evolve in concrete goals such as reducing costs or increasing market share.

We also define the first initiatives together with you, so that your company in Brazil can outpace the competition.